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IF Business Solutions is looking for partners that we can work with to promote and sell our competitive range of future proof NBN Ready products and services.

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This rare opportunity gives individuals the chance to run their own business, supported by our existing tried and tested infrastructure. If you’re attracted by the exciting prospect of partnering with IF Business Solutions then let us know and we’ll be in contact:

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The IF Business Solutions in Partnership

We are Australia’s small to medium business services specialists and offer a range of business focused, NBN ready, cost saving solutions across a range of industries. These including telecommunications, merchant services (EFTPOS), business electricity, ATMs and security alarm systems.

Our goal is to provide businesses with expert advice in all of these areas. At the same time offer cost effective solutions that lead to increased profitability, increased productivity and decreased costs. Furthermore this is all backed by award winning customer service and our average call answer time of under 10 seconds!

Since launching in 2004 we have welcomed the opportunity to represent a number of Australia’s best-known and most trusted brands. These include: NAB, CBA, The Westpac Group, 3 Mobile, Vodafone, Dodo, Power Direct and Energy Australia to name a few. Today, we are proud to continue our work alongside some of these giants of Australian business.

During our time in business we have viewed how some of Australia’s large organisations operate and often we feel we can do the job better ourselves. With that in mind we have sourced the best deals in telecommunications, merchant services (EFTPOS), business electricity, ATMs and alarm systems. Most of these products have been developed ourselves to allow maximum flexibility of both sales and on-going customer support and management.

All products are future proof and NBN ready. The NBN roll out is a unique time in Australia as businesses must migrate from traditional copper telephone lines to high speed Internet on the nbnTM. Businesses must consider how their essential services will work in an NBN world and make necessary changes to prevent disruption to their business.

We are now inviting select individuals to create their own business legacy by partnering with IF Business Solutions to utilise our systems, training, experience and product range. We offer an opportunity for someone to own their own business marketing our products to businesses in your local area or across the country. All products have attractive commissions. These can be paid as upfront commissions or as ongoing residual monthly payments. This allows for a large residual regular income to be built up over time.

The following information is designed to provide a window into our core business and showcase the many benefits on offer should you decide to partner with us.

Any questions – just ask!

The IF Business Solutions Team

The Opportunity

Over the years we have worked tirelessly to develop a range of high quality business products and services that represent excellent value. These include:

  • Telecommunications (including NBN )
  • ATMs
  • Merchant Services (EFTPOS) facilities
  • Electricity
  • Security alarm systems (including alarm monitoring)
  • Bookkeeping and BAS services

The opportunity is designed to enable select partners to leverage on our position in these markets and sell these products as part of a new or existing business.

The earning potential is proven and significant.

Full product training and ongoing sales support will be delivered and made available to all partners.

This is a unique opportunity aimed at ambitious individuals looking for a lucrative entry point into sales and marketing. Alternatively, it suits an existing business owner looking to diversify or add value to an existing portfolio.

Read on to find out more about the market-leading services that define this opportunity.

Business Telecommunications

After years of representing other telecommunications companies, we decided we could do it better ourselves. In 2005 we entered the telco market with our own brand. Our telecommunications company is called More Telecom.

More Telecom has become a true market leader in telecommunications for small and medium businesses.

We boast a multi award-winning team that has gained national recognition and picked up some of the most coveted awards in the industry including the AA Customer Service Award.

More Telecom offers the full range of business-grade services including traditional landline, 4G mobile, ADSL2+, business fibre & Ethernet services, nbnTM services, hosted voice, VOIP and cloud-based services to the Australian SME market.

Pricing is extremely competitive and all services are backed up by a quality Australia-based customer support team; this includes a guaranteed 10 second answer time on all calls which is unrivalled by any other business service provider.

Since its arrival on the scene, the aim of More Telecom has been to shake up the industry and provide genuine competition to some of the larger players in the market.

Competitive pricing, quality products and first class customer service make this an offer that is easy to market and sell with confidence.


IF ATM is our own fleet of privately owned ATMs and has become one of Australia’s premier suppliers of ATMs.

Our machines can be found in businesses across the country as owners embrace the lucrative opportunity to have an ATM installed on their premises. The key sites where we would be keen to place an ATM would be; pubs, nightclubs, service stations, shopping centres, train stations, convenience stores, supermarkets and some fast food stores.

The opportunity for our dealers is to locate places where we can put an ATM. We are ideally looking for places with high traffic flow and without proximity to a current ATM.

Upfront and ongoing commissions are available on all of our ATMs.

The award-winning service extends to after sales support and an account manager for each client who operates as a single point of contact should they be required after the installation of the machine.

EFTPOS/Merchant Services

IF Business Solutions is proud to partner with First Data in Australia to provide market leading EFTPOS solutions.

First Data are the world’s largest merchant acquirer and have over 6 million merchant (EFTPOS) customers across over 70 countries worldwide. In fact, First Data now touch over a third of the world’s transactions – an impressive statistic!

In partnership with First Data, we specialise in providing SMEs with the best EFTPOS systems for their needs and we boast a full range of nbnTM ready terminals and more competitive rates than the banks.

We provide a faster and more personalised service than the big banks. This makes it easy and often faster for a business owner to get an EFTPOS terminal from us.

This combination positions us extremely well in a highly profitable and growing market.

The roll out of the nbnTM means that EFTPOS terminals using traditional telephone lines to communicate will no longer work. SIM card or Internet based terminals are required and we have them!

The IF Business Solutions EFTPOS offering provides partners with a nationwide opportunity to assist businesses with their EFTPOS requirements. The market is vast and our product offering is highly competitive.


IF Business Solutions works with Commander Power to provide a mouth-watering cut-price deal on electricity that will have any sales partner in dreamland. This product is currently available for sale within VIC, SA and NSW and can be sold to both businesses and residential dwellings.

The electricity component compliments our product portfolio by providing an additional cost-cutting service to any business or consumer.

In the same way that every business has a need for phone and EFTPOS facilities, so it is with electricity. Widespread demand is guaranteed.

Electricity is a price-driven market where the cheapest deal is the best deal. Through our partnership with Commander Electricity we offer a highly competitive solution that saves money and turns heads.

IF Business Solutions and partners look to provide a free analysis on an existing power bill to demonstrate the savings and Commander’s offer involves no contracts and no exit fees.

The high level of demand, money-saving rates, no contracts or exit fees makes this a sales opportunity for all our partners with massive earning potential.

Alarm Security Systems

Alarm monitoring is the latest service offering to be added to our partnership opportunity and it really complements the existing nbnTM ready product suite.

We offer alarm systems and monitoring through our security partner to new and existing clients. We also have the ability to bundle monthly monitoring charges onto a monthly account from More Telecom (where applicable) or bill it separately to the customer.

Our alarm systems are fully nbnTM ready. Most alarm systems in Australia utilise the traditional telephone network to communication with a monitoring centre. With the rollout of the nbnTM businesses will find that these traditional telephone lines will become obsolete. Our alarm product communicates using a sim card device so will continue to work in an nbnTM world.

This product can be sold as monitoring only and connect to an existing alarm system, or as part of a new alarm system.

nbnTM Opportunity

This partnership opportunity has massive potential on its own, but what makes it even more exciting is that Australia is currently transitioning to the nbnTM – Australia’s new broadband network.

With this comes changes to business essential services. As outlined throughout this document, businesses will need to consider their phone, Internet, EFTPOS and alarm service when the nbnTM comes to their area. None of these services will continue to work in the same way when the disconnection of the traditional telephone network takes place. The disconnection of the traditional telephone network is a forced disconnection being enforced by the Australian government.

IF Business Solutions is in a unique position during this time and is the only company in Australia that can offer businesses an nbnTM ready solution across all affected services. The new network is being rolled out right now and due to complete at some stage after 2020.

Most business owners do not realise that their phone, Internet, EFTPOS and alarm services will not work on the nbnTM. We can offer an educated way to migrate these services.

The nbnTM is one of the key reason we are opening this opportunity to new partners from all corners of Australia. We need to find partners to take advantage of this massive nationwide opportunity and change. The change will affect every single Australian business at some stage in the next 5+ years.

Taking things further

Every product and service offered by IF Business Solutions has been carefully formulated and developed. Each product offers true value for money to a business owner, is in a mass market and is future proofed for an nbnTM world.

Our experience in the business services market over the last 12+ years ensures that we know what products sell and what commissions are needed to make an effective, sustainable opportunity like this work.

Our experienced back end support staff are well trained on compliancy and provide sales support to our partners during extended hours. This gives our partners the assistance they need to make sure every sale counts.

We will provide guidance and support wherever it is needed to ensure success.

Opportunities are limited so please contact us if you are interested.

We look forward to working with you!

The IF Business Solutions Team