IF EFTPOS Re-brands as More Payments


IF EFTPOS have been supplying Australian SME’s powerful payment solutions for 10+ years, however they have recently re-branded themselves to become More Payments.


The move brings them in-line with their parent company More Services, which encompasses their corporate Telco brand More Telecom, and More Bookkeeping who provide quality and affordable outsourced bookkeeping and BAS services.

After successful payment campaigns with two of the big four banks, More Payments look to continue to solidify its position and offer powerful and innovative payment and EFTPOS facilities for small and medium businesses. Their focus now comes within industry specific areas of hospitality, retail and healthcare. There goal is a simple one, to empower Australian business with powerful products and services, which will help improve and streamline their business.

In these ever-changing and uncertain times post COIVD it is inevitable that businesses will start to look at ways in which they can save money. More Payments are hoping to capatilise on this by offering true value for money, as well as delivering fantastic features like Simple Surcharging and Tap & Save.

More Payments have the industry knowledge and experience of the past 10+ years to help them align themselves with creative partners and industries to make a difference.If you are interested to find out further details then you can visit the More Payments website.



More Telecom offers NBN Business Phone Bundles


NBN business bundles at $0 upfront including NBN modem, NBN handset and unlimited local calls, national calls and NBN data from just $99.90 / mth.

More Telecom is a business only provider of NBN ready phone and internet solutions. They are currently offering aggressively priced NBN business phone and data bundles that are perfect for the budget conscious small and medium business owner. All bundles include an NBN ready modem and digital NBN ready handset with zero cost upfront. With this they provide unlimited NBN data at a range of speeds and unlimited local and national landline calls within Australia. A business can keep their existing telephone numbers while transferring to an NBN phone bundle. Plans start from just $99.90 / mth on a 24 month plan.

With sales people across all major cities in Australia More Telecom can arrange a face to face appointment to discuss your NBN needs. Alternatively their call centre sales team can offer these plans to every corner of Australia.

What's more is you can order right now using their online ordering tools on their website.

Check out the NBN Phone and Internet Bundles.

Is your business NBN ready?


Check out our latest video that discusses what is needed to ensure your business is NBN ready.

Click below to see our latest explainer video on the NBN.

Google's Android Pay lands in Australia


With more phones now set to be able to make payments it's vitally important that your business has EFTPOS.

Google has launched its mobile payment system Android Pay. It allows Android mobile phone users the ability to pay for purchases using their mobile device. Instead of carrying an EFTPOS card or credit card, users can simply swipe their Android enabled mobile handset against a contactless enabled merchant terminal in shops across the country. It comes just 8 months after Apple launched Apply Pay in Australia.

EFTPOS terminals that do not support contactless transactions will not be able to accept payments from Android or Apple Pay. Contactless technology is often referred to as Paywave or Paypass. These are the names given to it by VISA and MASTERCARD respectively. If you haven't got a contactless enabled merchant service check out IF EFTPOS for a quick solution.

At the time of writing only one of the big four banks, ANZ supports Android Pay. A total of 25 banks have signed up and Westpac have been talking about supporting it for some time now.

Android plans to allow apps to integrate and utilise the payment system directly from within an app. Apps at the forefront of this include Kogan, Deliveroo, Domino's and Catch of the Day.

With this technology now embedded in todays latest phones, it won't be long before other banks jump onboard and allow payments straight from your mobile phone.

If your business hasn't got EFTPOS or hasn't upgraded to contactless technology, get in touch with our friends at www.ifeftpos.com.au .

Tangerine Telecom launches Unlimited NBN Plans


Our friends over at Tangerine have just launched unlimited data plans across a range of NBN speeds. They also have new unlimited local and national calling plans from just $10 per month.

Gone are the days of worrying about how much data you have consumed in a month. Now everyone in the household can download and stream to their hearts contents with the new range of unlimited NBN data plans from Tangerine Telecom.

Unlimited NBN data with speeds of up to 12/1Mbps is now available for $59 per month. Increase speeds up to 25/5Mbps for $68 per month and up to 50/20Mbps for $87 per month.

You can also bolt on an unlimited local and national calling plan for $10 per month, and unlimited local, national and calls to mobile for just $20 per month. These prices even include your line rental!

There has never been a better time to get online with the NBN and Tangerine offers online sign up.

These plans make Tangerine one of the most competitive NBN providers in the market.

See the Unlimited NBN plans here.

Contactless payments estimated to hit $100 billion by 2018.


Unless you have been living ‘out bush’ for the last few years you will have experienced the option of paying via TAP n GO when making payment for something by credit or debit card.

Also referred to as Pay Wave and Pay Pass this is a contactless payment method that allows you to pay for items by card while not entering your PIN number. It takes just seconds for the payment to be authorised.

Research just completed by Juniper Research has recently announced that it expects contactless payments to reach $95 billion per year by 2018. This is an increase from just $35 billion last year.

The research goes on to detail the emergence of ‘connected wearables’ that are enabled to allow the wearer to make payment. This term refers to smart watches and other wristbands that are embedded with contactless payment technology. With 9 million Apple watches already shipped world wide this is far outshone by the number of NFC-capable smartphones now in circulation. This includes the Apple iPhone. NFC stands for near field communication and is the technology behind contactless payments.

With these stats in mind it is not surprising that IF EFTPOS our EFTPOS brand is seeing a massive increase in the number of businesses wanting to upgrade their old EFTPOS terminals to a new TAP n GO enabled device. Consumers are so used to using contactless technology and the research from Juniper Research only compounds the fact that demand for this method of payment is only going to grow.

Contactless payment technology also speeds up the time it takes to perform a transaction. This means that more customers can be served, reducing queues in store and consequently increasing sales.

If your business still does not offer contactless TAP n GO technology get in touch with the team at IF EFTPOS today about upgrading your EFTPOS machine.


The Inside of an ATM


For the tech head inside you, this great video from Discovery Science explains in details what goes on inside an ATM. Find out how they provide you with the right number of notes every time.

Have you ever wondered how an ATM works? Discovery Science explains in this video the workings of an automated teller machine (ATM). From the electronics inside to the security of the faults to the mechanism that controls the number of notes it dispenses - this video explains it all.

Click the image below to watch now.

If you're looking for an ATM in your business or at your next event get in touch with us at IF ATM. We supply ATMs across Australia and offer ATM placement and ATM Event Hire...

Finalist in 2016 Australian Small Business Champion Awards


IF Business Solutions is a finalist in the Champion Business Services category for the 2016 Australian Small Business Champion Awards to be held at The Westin Sydney on Saturday 23rd April, 2016. This is the largest awards program for small business in Australia with the winners of 43 industry categories.

Building their reputation as the ‘Oscars’ for Australia’s small business sector, the Australian Small Business Champion Awards in the only national program of its kind to recognize achievements and honour great performances in small business.

One of the aims of the Australian Small Business Champion Awards is to encourage excellence. “The Small Business Champion Awards is a celebration of small business and its contribution to the Australian way of life”, said Steve Loe, Managing Director of Precedent Productions who created and presents the awards. “When the Champion Judges evaluate the entries, they are looking at all aspects of a winning business; business strategies, customer service, vision support of the local community and growth, just to name a few. It’s not always about the financial returns. There are many small business owners who will never be millionaires, but whose contribution is invaluable”, Steve said.

“This National Awards Program was founded eighteen years ago as a celebration of Small Business. This program is the only national program that specifically enables small businesses to compete with and gain exposure nationally.”

The Awards program is proudly sponsored by Castaway Financial Forecasting, BizCover and the Key Person of Influence.

IF Business Solutions will represent the local community at the upcoming evening in April. Their passion, dedication, commitment and hard work will be recognized and celebrated amongst their peers in an experience they will never forget.

For further information about the Australian Small Business Champion Awards visit www.businesschampions.com.au



IF ATM keeps ATMs running at Earthcore Festival


The weekend of 26th - 30th November 2015 saw 7,500 revelers take to the Victorian bush for 4 nights of camping and music under the stars - IF ATM was on-site making sure everyone had the cash they needed to get through the weekend.

The IF ATM event trailer was extremely busy this weekend providing ATM event hire to Earthcore Festival in the Victorian bush. This was the third year running that IF ATM had managed ATMs at this festival and 2015 saw the machines working very hard all weekend. More than 2,500 transactions took place over the weekend and cash was available 24 hours a day for the entire 4 nights of the festival.

Communications is always hard at a remote event like this, especially with so many event atendee's using mobile phones to keep in touch. The IF ATM team however managed to overcome significant communications difficulties and kept access to cash open 24 hours per day across 4 machines. Revelers were able to access cash and make sure they had enough for that late night pizza or visit to the bar.

For more information on how IF ATM can assist with ATM services at your next event, please visit the IF ATM pages in this website. IF ATM has a number of event ATM hire trailers that can be booked for your next event. Please get in touch as early as possible as the trailers do get booked up for ATM hire, especially throughout summer months.

How to get EFTPOS for your business


At IF EFTPOS, we have been setting up EFTPOS solutions for small to medium sized businesses for over 10 years. We are specialists in helping businesses get EFTPOS.

Many of our customers spoke to their business bank before contacting us. The feedback that they give us on a regular basis is that signing up for EFTPOS can be very confusing and time consuming. This is usually caused by the banks asking for all kinds of supporting documentation that isn’t explained properly upfront.

This causes great frustration to a business owner who just wants to spend their time setting up and working on their business. This article aims to provide you the information you need to know about how to get EFTPOS for your business.

At IF EFTPOS, we like to keep things simple for our clients. We have a team of dedicated EFTPOS specialists who are setting up EFTPOS services for businesses every day. We do as much of the application process as we can over the phone, leaving just a few forms to sign.

Below is an overview of the business, applicant and documentation requirements that are needed to apply for an EFTPOS facility for your business:

  • Business Requirements
  • You must have a current Australia Business Number (ABN) to apply.
  • Your trading name (and company name if applicable) must be registered with ASIC.
  • You must have a business bank account for funds settlement (not a personal account or other form of account).
  • Your business bank account name must be a reflection of your legal entity name (same company name/same trading name etc.) 

    • Applicant Requirements
  • To apply for EFTPOS you must be a director, sole trader or partner.
  • If there are multiple directors or partners then in the case of a company, a maximum of two directors are required to sign the paperwork. In the case of a partnership, all partners are required to sign the paperwork.
  • All applicants must be Australian permanent residents.

    • Documentation Requirements
  • A copy of your driving licence or passport (for each partner or director if not a sole trader).
  • A copy of your bank statement for your settlement account. This is to verify your account details are correct (this must be a business account but can be with any bank or credit union).
  • A copy of a utility bill (or similar document). To evidence your trading address.

  • If you can provide us with these documents, we can pre-populate the application form and send it out to you to sign – easy as that!

    Delivery time from application is typically 5-7 business days.

    We can seamlessly manage and monitor the application process for you to get EFTPOS into your business so you can get on with you focusing on your business. You can be safe in the knowledge that your EFTPOS needs are taken care of by the best in the business!

    See full details of our EFTPOS offering on our IF EFTPOS pages.

    Tangerine Telecom launches online sign up.


    Consumer nbn™ brand Tangerine Telecom now offers online sign up to get connected to the nbn™.

    Tangerine Telecom offers great nbn™ deals across Australia. The nbn™ is Australia's new broadband network, and is being built to provide faster and more reliable Internet to every Australian.

    As the nbn™ becomes available in your area you can select your plan and sign up online on the Tangerine Telecom website.




    IF Business Solutions hits the market with NBN Ready Alarm Monitoring Solutions


    The final piece in the puzzle in ensuring that your business is ready for the NBN.

    IF Business Solutions now offers NBN Ready 24x7 alarm monitoring services across Australia. No need for that phone line and expensive call to 1300 monitoring centres. Now all call and communication costs are included in a low monthly price.

    With the backing of GEA's nationwide security installation team we can connect our mobile monitoring device to 99% of existing security systems.

    As the NBN rolls out across Australia, businesses need to ensure they are ready for the changes that will occur. Standard phone lines will no longer work and it's important that your business does not reply on the old traditional telephone lines.

    What's more, if you bundle your alarm monitoring with your telecommunications we can offer fantastic bundling discounts.

    Grab the newest EFTPOS terminal on the market


    As a new accedited broker of the Westpac and St George Banking Group IF EFTPOS now offers the newest EFTPOS terminal on the market.

    The new EFTPOS 1 terminal is a feature packed terminal. It connects via the Telstra 3G mobile network or via Wifi. This means you can take it with you and it’s NBN ready.

    It supports TAP ‘N’ GO and contactless functionality and will settle funds into any bank account.

    With this terminal comes a blended rate for your merchant services. This means that you do not pay a higher rate to accept premium cards. Many other merchant providers charge a premium to accept these cards. Premium cards include most Platinum and Gold cards, as well as card issued as part of a loyalty scheme.

    Get in touch today if you are looking for a new terminal or looking to improve the merchant service that you currently have. Call IF EFTPOS on 1800 EFTPOS. Or enquire HERE

    Why get an ATM installed in your business?


    Since the advent of ATMs, it has been observed, that every time one of these money-vending vaults is installed at a business location, the sales have increased conspicuously.

    The HIM Consumer Tracking program 2006 reported that around 68% of shoppers expect to see an ATM at their local store. Also, ATM users are likely to spend 64% more in convenience stores for the sheer delight of not having to leave the store for cash. Having an ATM onsite provides customers with a safe and convenient means of withdrawing cash in-house and not being exposed to the weather. 

    A cash machine will add great value to your business by increasing customer footfall, building loyalty and growing turnover. Irrespective of the type of business you run, by providing ready access to cash in your store or venue, you're encouraging existing customers to spend more money and bringing new customers through your door. Cash withdrawn will be spent over the counter, thereby increasing your sales and some cash will leave the premises, reducing your personal cash and banking charges.

    In addition to the increased revenue, there are other benefits such as, reduced credit card fees and fewer hassles, such as bad checks and customer disputes; improved security, as less cash behind the counter lowers the risk of theft, all that makes these smart machines a wise business investment. ATMs save employee time and customer embarrassment, there’s no need of losing customers again.  In addition to this, ATMs have no hidden fees, monthly fees, and no transaction charges applicable to the business owner who houses the machine. The only long-term fees will be for the dedicated phone line and electricity.

    These handy machines create an excellent working environment. So if you have been propounding to give your business the right boost, getting this utilitarian machine installed would be a step worth it.

    Visit http://www.ifatm.com.au/ for more information.

    Renewable energy: looking after the environment


    Renewable energy refers to those sources that are refillable over time, such as wind, sunlight, tides, geothermal heat or waves, which can be used in domains like motor fuels, heating water or houses, rural energy or electricity generation.

    Nowadays, looking after the environment is a global preoccupation, therefore the use of renewable energy is highly encouraged. In the recent years, there has been a considerable increase in the use of these alternative forms of energy – for example, renewable energy has a contribution of approximately 20 percent in the production of energy in at least 30 countries around the world.

    Anyhow, in spite of the current tendencies towards these forms of alternative energy, it is interesting to know that until 1900 people have used almost entirely renewable energies. Think about it – around 790,000 years ago the man started to use biomass to fuel fires, 7000 years ago people began using the force of wind to navigate their ships on water and in the middle ages people used mostly animal power, human labor, water and wind in order to obtain the needed power for their every day chores. All in all, maybe we indeed have something to learn from our history, don’t you agree?
    Today, the most used forms of renewable energy are:

    • - Wind power, which is obtained with the help of wind turbines. They are machines especially designed to provide power from 600 kW to 5 MW, usually placed offshore or at high altitudes, where the wind is more intense.

    • - Solar energy consists of transforming sunlight into electricity. This is made possible by using solar thermal collectors or photovoltaic panels.

    • - Hydropower is produced by hydroelectric dams, that can make even a slow flowing stream of water generate an important amount of energy. At the moment, China is the biggest producer of hydroelectricity. 

    • - Geothermal energy is obtained from the thermal energy produced in the Earth with the help of geothermal gradients. 

    • - Biomass, which refers to the biological materials resulted from plants. It can either be used directly under the form of combustion or indirectly, under the form of different kinds of biofuel. 
    Renewable energy, therefore, occupies a crucial role in the development of human race, so it is surely a smart move to start using it for yourself. Go ahead, then. Look for the environment.

    Paying by smartphone: The pros and cons of tap and go


    Paying bills through the smartphone and Tap and Go is the latest trend, which is at the forefront of the technological advances taking place in numerous countries.

    Under such circumstances, if your company’s payment accepting facility does not cover the smartphone option, then your business might suffer its consequences in the future. In order to accept the new mobile tap and go payment systems, you n need a tap and go ready terminal. IF EFTPOS provide these from the CBA bank and have the only mobile TAP and GO terminal on the market (accurate at time of blog release). See: www.ifeftpos.com.au for full details. You can pull-in more customers by adopting the smartphone bill payment facility for your business. People are switching over from laptops and computers to the pretty handy smartphones of the sophisticated kind. The ipads and tabs are used by more number of people these days along with android. It is quite evident that people are going to be more interested in the future to get things done on the go using the smart phones for bill payments. It gets easier, quicker and simpler that way. 

    Right from the electricity and water bills to grocery stores taking tap and go payments, everything is taken care of, without the need to stand in long queues. In this high-tech world, people want all their tasks to be done with jet-lighting speed. Hence paying bills through the smartphone is a viable option for most people. This results in hassle-free living. Apart from playing games, watching movies, listening to music and many other things, if a person is able to pay bills through the smartphone, there’s nothing more convenient. Even if an individual wants to take life slowly, his work-load and work commitments don’t allow him to do so. Every individual needs money to live and working for it is mandatory.  The work commitments have to be met, irrespective of the individual’s commitments elsewhere, like to his or her spouse or family. Under such circumstances, these technological advancements come to the rescue of the individual. 

    So in short, if your company lacks behind and does not provide Tap and Go payment facilities, you may lose your customer-base in the long run!    

    Lead Generation and Social Media


    With the increasing reach of social media, more and more brands are utilising the platform provided by various social networks for lead generation. So whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest or Google+, these are now not only a platform to connect with people but to attract customers as well.

    But to do it right you need to strategise and prioritise to reach and engage the right customers. A few best practices for lead generation on social media which could be a good idea for you to follow are:

    First of all, create realistic and achievable goals for lead generation both for short and long term. A good way to set goals is to keep past performance in mind and then project the future. 

    Engage with your audience, open the avenues for exchanging ideas over social platforms will not only increase your visibility but credibility as well. Do not be repetitive with the information that you share but be creative in the way you share it. 

    For creating visibility, customise the number of posts on different platforms. For example, increased number of posts in a day for twitter would be alright but not for Facebook and LinkedIn. Also, engage through group discussions on platforms like LinkedIn, as it is the place where a great amount of networking is possible.   

    Do not just be a product that sells but a presence in the mind of customers that shows an understanding for people’s needs and requirements.  

    Do not forget to follow up. To attract a new customer or to create a long lasting relationship with an existing client, keep the conversation going. 

    It is equally important to evaluate the results of lead generation activities on different media. You need to analyse which platform is most effective for your business in generating leads. It will not only help you in prioritising future goals but optimise your returns on investments. 

    The introduction of Bitcoin ATMs


    With the launch of Bitcoin ATMS, the world of digital currency took a step forward. The bi-directional ATMs facilitate paper money to crypto-currency conversion and vice versa; allowing users to buy and sell bitcoins in just a few seconds.

    This definitely is the next revolution in the realm of virtual currency transactions, as it simplifies the exchange process and makes bitcoins easily accessible to both hard-core investors and curiosity seekers.

    Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. It was first introduced in 2009, as an instant worldwide peer-to-peer, electronic cash system with little or no processing fee and no risk of frauds at all. It is the first decentralised digital currency, with no central authority or bank, managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is done collectively by a network.

    Bitcoin ATMs aims at lowering the barrier of entry to the digital currency world, by letting people swap fiat money for bitcoin in person. You can easily insert the paper money and receive, in return, a voucher with a private code to be used with a bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin goes a step ahead and offers to generate a wallet feature, which facilitates newbies to take baby steps into the new crypto-currency world. 

    Bitcoin ATMS also aids in decentralization of exchanges. As of today, we only have very few online exchanges and they all encounter several difficulties every day. Instituting ATMs having decentralized access would yield tangible results.  Another attractive factor is the low setup cost, compared to online exchanges, which could take several months and would cost large sums of money.  Unlike online exchanges, no registration is required and hence a lot more convenient too.

    Bitcoin ATMs are ramping up its global footprint with launches planned across the globe. With its acceptability growing in leaps and bounds, Bitcoin ATMs are here to stay!

    Article by http://www.getanatm.com.au/

    Energy Saving Tips


    Reducing the energy we use around our homes has become a big preoccupation nowadays, along with the use of renewable energy.

    By cutting off on the energy, not only we save important sums of our hard-earned money, but we also do something for our Planet, so we should have all the motivation we need to start saving some energy. If you want to start, but aren’t sure where to begin, take a look at the list below. You may find some interesting and practical ideas:

    Use power strips to plug your electronics into and turn them off whenever you are done with using those specific electronics. You’ll be glad you did, because they consume energy even when they are in stand by.

    Install a programmable thermostat and use your heating and cooling systems in the right way.

    Choose a halogen oven. They use with 75 percent less energy  than a normal one and cook those amazing steaks in just 30 minutes. Well, that’s a deal!

    Invest in solar panels. They are a great source of renewable energy, their installation costs have dropped considerably and the best part is that every year you get a sum of money back. 

    Insulate your roof. According to the Energy Saving Trust, in Melbourne the savings are as high as $375 a year, because by insulating your roof you preserve the heat.

    Choose showers instead of baths from time to time and your water bill won’t scare you anymore. Additionally, the Planet will thank you.

    Use compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of the traditional ones. They use only 10 percent of the energy used by a normal one. This is pretty impressive, right?

    Are you feeling inspired already? Then, go ahead and put into action some of the ideas mentioned above. You will indeed remark a difference when your bills appear and, more than this, you will contribute to the increasing number of individuals who take care of the environment. 

    Sales and the direct approach


    Sales are the lifeblood of almost any business type that you could care to mention. Such organisations can be chock-full of innovation, boast a plethora of business-type prodigies operating under an efficient management structure but, without a working sales strategy, all such assets are rendered impotent.

    A business is defined by trading goods, services or both to consumers and sales is the mechanism that enables this process. 

    Despite how important sales are for developing and growing a business it’s surprising how often the area gets neglected. As one of Australia’s leading sales companies, IF Sales comes across a whole host of different types of enterprise that have every facet of their house in order except how to get customers through the door. 

    So what can a business do to improve their sales performance? 

    One approach is to introduce a sound marketing strategy that compliments your sales drive. An important aspect for ensuring success in sales is making sure that your target market knows who you are and the benefits of what you have to offer. This can be achieved through a number of methods but one of the most successful, and the one we’re going to take a quick look at here, is the direct approach.

    For many, direct sales and marketing is seen as the purest and most effective form of growing a business. It allows a business to get in front of its target market and build face to face relationships. The relationships garnered through such an approach can lead to a host of future possibilities including repeat business and that holy grail of business development; referrals.
    Direct sales and marketing offers that level of human interaction that no television advert, catchy slogan or telephone call can match. It’s a tried and tested road to business growth and success and one that should always deserves genuine consideration.

    For a practiced and qualified approach to direct sales speak to the IF Sales team who will be more than happy to discuss this particular approach and how it can benefit your business.